05 Jan 12 at 12 pm

The Luna Show #187. Lola LaPerla Ebony

10 Nov 11 at 10 pm

The Luna Show #180. Lisa Prodigy

15 Sep 11 at 9 pm

The Luna Show. Sexy Vogue Knights

02 Sep 11 at 12 am

The Luna Show. Vogue Knights First Anniversary. Battle of the Legends.

Okay so, in your honest opinion - Legendary Kassandra Ebony vs Legenday Dashaun Evisu: who ate?

Give me one. Kassandra is legendary, he has proved that and his status is not up for discussion. 

30 Aug 11 at 2 am

The Luna Show #171. Icon RR Chanel

Part II

27 Aug 11 at 1 am

The Luna Show #175. Icon Latisha Revlon.

24 Aug 11 at 12 am

The Luna Show #173. Highlights from The Latex Ball 2011.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

10 Aug 11 at 10 pm

The Luna Show #166 Legendary Evie

10 Aug 11 at 10 pm

The Luna Show #169 Bootz Prodigy

Get up close and personal with the Ballroom’s most sought after and popular participants. Not only will you get a more personal look into the Ball Scene, The Luna Show also aims to educate the LGBTQ community and the Straight community about HIV/AIDS awareness; as well as empowering young members of the LBGTQ community.

Did I also mention that Luna is my Gay Father? :P

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