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Vjuan Allure || Dis Dubb

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"The Rowdy Ha"
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"Shit Motherfucker Damn"
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26 Oct 11 at 3 pm

Step on edgier dancefloors nowadays, and you best be prepared to come a little cunty, honey. Dip, drop, duckwalk, catwalk, hands, hands, hands: vogue dancing and ballroom culture are experiencing another moment in the media spotlight. This time, however, they’re bringing the ballroom beats with them, beats that are finding their way into sets from DJs as different as Kingdom, Greg Wilson, Seth Troxler, and Nick Curly.

As a gay and transgender African American expressive form, modern ball culture has been around since at least the 1960s, transforming the necessarily underground gay tradition of meeting in rented ballrooms for private parties—gay bars and dressing in drag in public were illegal back then—into jawdropping spectacles of over-the-top gowns and performances. Over the years, the mainly New York City scene gradually developed an intricate system of drag-house families, themed ball events, status hierarchy (stars, statements, legends, icons), and style of fashion runway-mimicking battle dance, or voguing, all of which are still evolving as the culture has taken root in the Midwest, the South, and even Europe. Sometime in the mid 1980s, the gowns began to drop to the wayside, and the dancing, soundtracked by disco sounds from Cheryl Lynn’s 1978 “Got to Be Real” to Maxtrack Orchestra’s phenomenal 1988 “Love is the Message,” took over the runway…

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XLR8R: Strictly Ballroom
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Vjuan Allure || Remember That Thang

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"The Runway"
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