Now there is no shade, I have been neglecting this blog in humongous proportions.

I do apologies to all those that have enjoyed seeing my posts and have stuck by me in the beginning - I seriously appreciate you. And thanks to those who have still followed even when content was getting dry - you’re all going to Vogue with the Lord in the afterlife.

I have been extremely busy as I am now an online editor of a magazine, so I don’t jump on Tumblr too much anymore - even my personal blog is now just a collection of reblogs (which is so not kool, but hey). I’ve also downgraded to a netbook as my only daughter gave up on me - so Gif/graphic making is now out of the question :(.

I will do my best to update you with anything and everything Ballroom to the best of my ability!

In the meantime there are two other blogs dedicated to Ballroom culture so you can still get your life when I deserve 5 fierce chops.

Voguing Gifs

The Ballroom Scene

Both really fab blogs. So go and follow.

I hope you’re still loving the blog ..



Bambi Revlon, BQ Vogue Fem
25 Nov 11 at 10 am


Neil Prodigy, Legendary BQ Vogue Fem


Neil Prodigy, Legendary BQ Vogue Fem


I want to give thanks for:

Thank you sooo much love! Love you down, keep posting those GIFs! <3

(To my followers… Follow Voguing Gifs NOW!)