I will never forget the day I met Bernie Jourdan and he wanted me to become a Jourdan. I had no idea where I was at or what I was watching. All I remember is everyone telling me I had face. It then took about another 6-8 months for me to go to another ball. At that point I saw the competition and thought to myself  ”I can do that!” that’s when Jaimee Jourdan was born. My first ball I walked was the Fire Ball in Newark NJ. I will never forget how wild the crowd went when I came out. I lost by one vote that night and then someone told me it was because I was painted like a drag queen. I was still a little confused. But very determined I kept going. I continued to walk balls but unpainted and still did not receive any life. At the time I was finding myself as well. I was then taught how to sell my face by Legendary Raymond, Ebony, and Bernie Jourdan. It wasn’t until 1997 when they had women’s face in all white with dramatic paint is when I got my break. It was at the legendary Marc Ballroom and Legendary Reality Jourdan painted my face. I will never forget looking in the mirror and thinking wow thats me? It gave me the confidence I needed and it was almost like someone else walking. It was an outer body experience. From watching legendary fem queens such as Danielle Revlon, Octavia St Laurent and Alyssa St. Clair, I sold my face like no other woman had. That’s when I emerged into a whole another person. Danielle Revlon was on the panel that night and stood on her feet for me. I had arrived. After that I wanted to walk every ball and which I proceeded to or almost every ball. I started winning several balls but yet no one knew my name. Legendary  Eriq Christian Bizarre use to call me Vanessa (lol). I recall at one ball I went up to him and said hey thats not my name and replied “I’m sorry doll baby”. We had a brief discussion and we exchanged numbers and eventually emails. Eriq played a major part in bringing my confidence level up. He would send me little emails saying how well I did and if I lost to pay it and keep going and make the girls know it. I started getting more and more known all over. I was the  girl to beat!

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Interview with Legendary Mother Jamiee Balenciaga